April 11, 2018

ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND SMALL TALES – A Showcase On The Weight Of The Historical Artistic Narrative

February 8, 2018


As written for Kalaa Kathaa Jaffna-born poet Rudhramoorthy Cheran is most known for his heartrending literary works expressing the numerous paradigms having resulted from the civil war in Sri Lanka. Decades later, his words serve as inspiration for the title of the exhibition showcasing Sri Lankan art at the Dhaka Art Summit (DAS) this month.  For […]

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December 30, 2017


As written for Kalaa Kathaa Ideologically motivated brush strokes strike easel in Priyantha Udagedara’s new series ‘Orientalism,’ with layer upon layer from an almost hypnotic palette of hues for only the true enthusiast to unravel – exposing the paradox that is beautiful horror. Udagedara challenges the orientalist’s notion of foreign beauty and invites the viewer […]

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Born a Crime, Raised an Icon: Trevor Noah’s Powerful Autobiography

November 22, 2017


As written for The Platform, UK [September 2017] An “autobiographical comedy” is how Trevor Noah’s memoir Born A Crime is often described. But, as everyone’s current favourite satirical funny man, Noah does here too what he does best. Drollery as a façade for dark witticisms. A laugh-out-loud hardcover made up of pages laced with a grim life […]

My Apologies D&G, It’s Not You. It’s Me.

January 18, 2016


As written for MuslimMatters.org [January 2016]   There have been two knee-jerk reactions in response to the release of Dolce and Gabbana’s hijab and abaya collection: The Allure of the Middle East; First came the yay-sayers (for want of a better term) who with true Arab-style ululation lauded the fashion house for taking such a […]

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September 1, 2015


The problem with these ‘super heroes’ is that they are a capitalistic product with economic returns. The more immortal the character, and as a result celebrated, the greater its appeal. Unaware of this other (read primary) agenda, all our children are made to understand is that if you want to save the world you must have this cosmic attribute, unrealistically large biceps and a pencil for a waist - an unfortunate deception that deters hopefuls from feeling like they can actively better society themselves.

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Motherhood’s Little Known Secret

June 9, 2015


While it may be considered normal to be overwhelmed at first with the physical, mental, and emotion baggage that comes with having a baby, it is important to be able distinguish between ‘just baby blues’ and PPD. Postpartum Depression is real, and this melancholia is often suffered silently for fear of shame or being deemed inadequate as a mother. If these women aren’t encouraged to come forward and have their struggles validated, the delay or even absence of treatment can affect not just the mother, but potentially the health of her baby as well.

The Double Standards of Western Liberalism and the True Freedom of Faith

February 1, 2015


Despite the unpopularity of religion in the intellectual sphere, a new philosophy with sacred principles has seeped its way into this primarily ideological community.

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Anti-Muslim Violence Escalates in Sri Lanka

June 17, 2014


As written for MuslimMatters (June 17, 2014) Riots broke out in the coastal Sri Lankan town of Aluthgama yesterday in an escalation of Muslim targeted violence that many Sri Lankans fear would intensify into a resemblance of the incidents of Black July – the anti-Tamil lawlessness of July 1983 which was said to have ignited […]

A librarian for the pages of history

June 12, 2014


Laurens Hesselink has made it his life’s work to preserve priceless ancient books and manuscripts dating back to the 15th century As written for Gulf News (June 12, 2014) Looking after what was quite possibly the most valuable stand at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, was renowned antiquarian Laurens Hesselink and owner of Antiquariaat […]

French explorer Gibran Hasnaoui globe-Trots to combat Anti-Islam sentiment

April 15, 2014


As written for The National (April 15, 2014) When the French national Gibran Hasnaoui first landed in the UAE in 2010, he had no idea that the next two years would send him in a direction he could never have fathomed. Although born into Islam, Hasnaoui never felt a connection with God – or his […]