We Don’t Need No Education!

Posted on June 4, 2008


I’ve come to conclusion (after much thought ofcourse) that being a dunce is the only way to go! Even my average-student status is jumping the gun a bit much, if you ask me. Patience..don’t get your knickers/boxers in a twist just yet. Don’t i always explain?

So i’m telling you, i’ve got facts! There’s at least one college/highschool dropout at the topmost rung of every career ladder in this whacked out world of ours.

Pursuing a career in IT? Look to Bill Gates for inspiration; he figured Harvard was not good enough for the likes of him!
Aspiring to be a renowned film director/producer? I’m sure Steven Spielberg will be more than willing to stress on the insignificance of education.
How about Kurt Cobain? Sure he had issues, but don’t we all love Nirvana? The band..not the state of mind. But then again..whatever works for ya.
Or maybe you dream of one day turning the world around with a mind-numbing, sock-dropping physics theory? Yes Albert Einstein, was a vagabond of a physician in his day.
George W. Bush? Well, since we’re discussing truly inspirational figures, (ahem) he must’ve graduated (at least twice), if you know what i mean! ;)

So I say, relaax. Take it easssy. Take a mid-semester vacation or something! Let those class toppers rough it out coz’ in the long run we know that’s it’s us back-benchers who will rise to the occasion in the end.

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