Unintentional Perv

Posted on June 9, 2008


Everyone knows that the biggest difference in the transition from childhood to adulthood is the loss of innocence.

The innocence i have in mind is the sort that enables a child to say whatever he/she wants without being questioned.
You know what i’m talking about. When’s the last time you were able to say ‘I like salted nuts!’ without anyone in your audience bursting out into a not-so-muffled guffaw?
I honestly don’t know when this happened..when we realize we aren’t able to say just anything without it having a double-meaning. And mind you, the amount of sniggers isn’t proportional to the intelligence of your company, anyone at all will do!

So for those of you who have fallen prey (once too often) to these accidental slip-ups, here’s a list of phrases you might want to avoid:
                         ‘My, these balls are bouncy!’
                         ‘Those buns look good!’
                         ‘That’s my sausage!’
                         ‘I’ll have the breast piece please.’
and of course  ‘I like salted nuts.’

You might also want to refrain from making yummy noises while enjoying a particular dessert or favourite food.


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