Option A?

Posted on June 10, 2008


We’re spoilt for choice aren’t we?

This little revelation happened to strike me the other day, when I headed to the local cafe’ to quench my insatiable thirst for that cup o’ java (see profile). I went up to the counter quite certain that all I wanted was a latte…then i happened to look up at the menu board.
Frappucchino, Mochacchino, decaf or expresso? A once you’ve scratched your head past that set of multiple-choice options, you’re given your next. Skim-milk or whole milk? Then small, medium, large, or this-size-will-guarantee-you-never-sleep-ever!?

How far we’ve strayed since our neanderthal predecessors! ‘I want food!’ has evolved into ‘Chinese or Mexican?’ ‘Dine-in or take-out?’
Forget food options and graphical illustrations of variable french-fry portions even. Take our clothes, cars, furniture and even letterpad font! I can change the colour of my i-pod (hypothetically speaking..i don’t really own one) to whatever shade (not just clour, mind you) I prefer, and even add a ‘hello kitty’ motif (not quite the fan..but again, hypothetically speaking) to my moblie phone!

The scary bit is, our tendency to let ourselves be spoilt for choice is heading towards dangerous ground. Does the term ‘Designer Babies’ ring a bell?
Now that genetic engineering is common jargon for even the Layman, everyone wants their share of the deal. Turns out in a couple of years, parents-to-be will soon be able to actually create their own baby to fit their perfect picture! And by inserting/incorporating the right genes (tall gene/brown-eyed gene) here and there, scientists will be able to give them exactly what they paid for!

You know there’s something amiss in humanity, when we stop celebrating the miracle of life and resort to choosing whom we love.

So here’s where the biggest of all decisions comes into play..when all other options and choices take a back seat.

Click ‘RIGHT’ or click ‘WRONG’?


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