Hi, I’m Gertie!

Posted on June 12, 2008


If there’s one thing i’d really like to change about myself, it’s my gullibillity (i realize that’s not a real word but it has immense potential don’t you think?).

Honestly…i’m as gullible as the next goldfish! You know how those bright-tinged suckers swim hurriedly to the top of the fish tank everyime you dangle you fingers there, thinking it’s food they’re getting? Yea..that’s how bad i am.

Tell me a highly unlikely story and i’m likely to believe it. I won’t be surprised if i look down to see if my sneakers are actually untied, even when i’m wearing flip-flops.
Go on..try me! Tell me that my fire-proof safe is ablaze or something. Tell me that you’re going to live in the hills to find your inner calling…that eskimo’s are in reality allergic to snow. Or that you’re not planning anything for my birthday, when in truth you’re throwing me a massive surprise bash! Ok..I might’ve had an ulterior motive in mind with that last one (hint).

I seriously think it’s some sort of disease; a syndrome at least. Definitely an incurable one anyway. I never do learn.
After having fallen prey to a recent prank, I’ll try and counter-strike (no, not the game) by refusing to believe in anything at all; blindly calling everyone’s bluff, and rubbish’ing even world truths. That phase will probably just last a few minutes anyway..once a sucker, always a sucker eh?

Ah well..everyone has their weak spot I suppose. If only I was shrewd to replace being so darned good-looking! ;)


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