Posted on June 18, 2008


I’ve never been much of a ‘LOL’er. For the plain reason that I can’t get myself to believe that the person on the other side of the screen is actually ridiculously ‘laughing out loud’ everytime I make a funny. So it should’nt come as too much of a surprise that i’m also a critic of the ever-so-plausible LMAO and  ROTFL as well.

I much rather prefer (in tune to my apparent ‘irritating’ politically-correct ways) to appreciate witticisms via msn with a simple (but realistic) ‘hehe’ or ‘haha’, and if it’s really funny, a ‘HAHAHAHA’!

BRB and GTG are fine in my books because there are times when I really do have to go, and really will be back (hasta la vista?).

This i’ve been proclaiming far and wide (hyperbole), preaching to anyone who’ll listen, the evils of the chatroom abbreviations…until I was proved wrong.

The other day I was in the library chatting (real life) with a couple of friends (in our defence, there really was no ‘silence’ sign hung up) when we happened to recall a funny video we had come across recently. So this one friend started describing it to the other. I say ‘started’ because she never really got around to do it. On recollection of a particularly hilarious bit, she literally collapsed into a fit of giggles, tipped over(!) to the floor, and (get this) rolled from side to side!!

Now that was an ROTFL if there ever was one! I tell you, my faith has been renewed…i’ve seen the error of my ways. If there actually are people out there who ROTFL, who am i to judge anymore?

Maybe I really can LMAO if i try hard enough.


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