For Real!

Posted on June 20, 2008


Now that my exams are done with, of late i’ve been submitting myself to the idiot box quite willingly; I don’t have a consience to answer to anymore.      


So I was channel-surfing this afternoon when i came across this utterly rubbish excuse for a valid TV program. It was this reality show (shocker) that tested a group of worthy individuals and determined finally who was to be crowned the best..pirate!! Seriously..seriously??

I can’t say i’m anti-reality television..they’re quite the entertainment source. And I unabashedly admit that i’m a devotee of the likes of American Idol and Hell’s Kitchen.

But of late it seems that the television production business is a rat race of desperation. Reality shows are getting more and more absurd by the day.                                                                       

I’m terribly wary of the concept of Wife Swap (self-explanatory), and the likes of The Apprentice and The Bachelor seem like very publicly blown-up examples of everyday challenges; in this case a job interview and singles-night respectively.

But then’s a reflection of the viewers isn’t it? If a gazillion people show interest in the aforementioned pirate picker, then that must mean there’s some sort of demand. Either that, or there are worse shows out there, and this one’s the lesser of the two evils.

It’s intriguing to see what they’ll come up with next though. Watch out for the season debut of Knicker Knitter everyone!! 


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