A Tribute To Levi Strauss

Posted on June 24, 2008


Jeans/denim (as defined by urbandictionary.com):        – a girls best friend; simple, comfortable, cute, classic, completely wearable and flattering on anyone.                                                                                                                                          – the working man’s leather.

The title is an obvious give-away. But for those who haven’t quite figured it out yet, this post is dedicated to the one man who achieved the impossible; combining fashion with comfort.

I think I speak for everyone (and I mean everyone) when I say that denim is a revolutionary piece of clothing. I don’t think I know of anyone in my generation who doesn’t own a pair (at least), and i’m quite sure the majority of the older folks have found them equally versatile. Even babies are made to don them, without even having learnt to walk!

I suppose it’s the fact that they’re so flexible (I mean jeans, not babies). We’ve really got it made. Skinnies, Bell’s, Staright cut, Boot cut, Capri’s and Shorts. It’s almost as though Coco Chanel and Monsieur Strauss had some sort of a thing going on. And I’m not just speaking on behalf of womankind here; the boys get their empty palette as well. Choosing their size and shade of blue is quite the power struggle. 

I personally own 3 pairs; skinny, everyday wear and a pet pair that I wear at will. Pretty much everything else I own is meant to go with either of the 3 choices.

Emergency outing? Just slip into a pair (no ironing necessary) and a matching crease-free top will just as easily follow.Night out with friends? Glam top, a pair of heels, and of course..the darker denims. I’m not dishing out fashion advice here, I’m just trying to highlight the ease with which we are able to take for granted, owning a pair of those miracle pants.

The way we wear our denims have evolved over the decades. The hippie loving bell-bottoms of the 70’s to the high-waisted ones of the 90’s. And now the 00’s have heralded in the crisp, snug-fit.

It’s pretty fascinating…try doing the same with any other pair of pants. I highly doubt it.


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