Survival of the Fittest

Posted on July 6, 2008


I don’t know the exact phrase, but apparently ‘they’ say it’s money that brings out the worst in people. I say it’s traffic.

Not that i’m a officially lisenced (yet), but being on the passenger seat is proof enough. Sort of a sympathy versus empathy thing happening.

Horns will honk loud enough to surpass the sound barrier, and fenders will not just touch, but merge into one!

For those on a schedule, or a hurry to get someplace there’s a whole other story altogether. The most meek of individuals will discover they have a vocabulary so colourful that it’ll put a rainbow to shame. As for the frequent swearer’s, they’ll accumulate enough swear-miles to buy themselves a house!

Chivalry dies a merciless death and road-courtesy is an extinct phrase. A certain finger is brandished as the weapon of choice, and the common temperament is enough to make the chirpy baby in the ‘baby-on-board’ sticker cry.

Mini-coopers give Hummers a run for their money, and fresh-faced motorists ‘cut’ past the veterans of the road.

Blood pressure’s rise above doctor’s orders, and even the cheery radio jockeys are too irritating to bear.

But once that bout of jam is surpassed, and only smooth riding is foreseen, we breathe again. A smile slowly seeps in, and that rock-solid exterior turns into mushy, pleasant again. Until the bell for the next round sounds..all’s well with the world.


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