Vanity Affair

Posted on July 10, 2008


It’s true when ‘they’ (some sort of secret authority figure) say that you never realize the value of something, until it’s taken away from you. Be it a pet, electricity, mirror….yes, mirror.

Having recently purchased a new cupboard for my room, i’ve had to detach my full-length mirror from the wall, and keep it aside until the handyman came around (it’s a big job alright, holes have to be drilled and stuff!).

And oh, how deprived I have been! Putting aside the need for a reflective surface to pop my lenses in (I manage with my compact), what about all my other mirror necessities??

Where else am I am supposed to look while crooning along to Colbie Collait into my mike-slash-hairbrush? And how on earth am I ever going to find out if my ass looks big in that dress? Or if those shoes match with my purse? And that ghastly contraption (the weighing scale) is not always the best opinion when it comes to weight loss/gain y’know!!

So until that beloved looking-glass of mine finds it’s way back onto my wall, i’ll just have to assume that I weigh a 100kgs and that my tush is size of a planet in anything I wear!


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