The Green Goblin

Posted on July 17, 2008


Apparently there are some things that just aren’t done. Ordering the Chicken Caesar Salad at Mc.Donalds for instance.

Frankly, I don’t quite understand what the fuss is all about. I just felt like eating healthy for a change, and they did have the salad on the menu.

‘I’ll have the chicken caesar salad please!’

‘The what?’

‘The chicken salad??’

‘Oh..yea..sure.’ *looks at me strangely as he reaches for my order from the back of the refrigerator*

So I think my salad looks great..the lettuce is all fresh and crunchy-looking, and the chicken strips seem devoid of any trace of oil, fat, grease or any other lard’ish counterpart. Little did I expect that my fellow diners would ‘look’ a ‘great’ deal as well!

I started feeling the eyes on me as I walked my tray back to my seat. The curious ‘watcha-got-there?’ folks were intrigued to find out what was so astoundingly green on my tray. And as I sat down, the couple at the next table stared unabashedly for a good 5 minutes, then went on to whisper to each other oh-so-obviously. And I know those weren’t ‘sweet-nothings’ they were exchanging.

Already feeling like I had broken some sort of code of conduct, I proceeded to scatter on my croutons, sprinkle my pepper and squeeze out half of my salad dressing ( I want dressing on my salad, not salad on my dressing!). And just when I was starting to get used to the occassional double-takes of tray-bearers passing my table, a sweaty faced kid, fresh from the play area decided to come to a halt just next to me..and stare.

She stared at my salad, then stared at me…and then back at my salad again. I don’t think the poor thing’s ever been exposed to anything that’s not in a bun..or not fried. I might as well have been feeding on a horse carcass off my table..and grown horns to boot.

I obviously ignored the girl; I’ve learnt from experience that you can never out-stare a child. Either way, I began to question what was on my plate myself. Who orders a salad at McDonalds anyway?

But my dinner tasted as fabulous as it looked (a penny for everytime I hear that line in another conversation), and was worth every double take and curious glance it racked up. So the next time I pay a visit to good ol’ Ronald, I might just order the same thing!

And maybe even..*gasp*..just the garden salad!!


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