Facebook: I’m lovin’ it?

Posted on July 21, 2008


I can’t believe I’ve gone a whole two months without a single mention of the genius that is FACEBOOK! Shame on me.

It’s quite the hoot isn’t it? What can you not do with it? Care to give the ego a bit of a boost by having a look at the number of friends you’ve accumulated? Find a childhood playmate perhaps? Or maybe even stalk an old ex (or a new one for that matter).

Facebook really is the ‘social networking site’ it brags to be; thanks to this Zuckerberg-send i’ve managed to track down a staggering amount of old friends I thought I might’ve just lost for good. What’s not to love in all those groups, photo tagging options, and innumerable networks?  And the privacy options…what a treasure! Keeps prying extended family members at bay, and disallows creepy-stalker types from perving over your profile page. 

However, although most of us might possess the sanity to keep our ‘FB’ activity comparatively low-key…there are always those who take it to ridiculously new levels.

1,000 friends?? Nobody’s that ‘popular’! And what’s with the gazillion applications?? Having to locate just plain-old ‘wall’ among the super-wall, fun-wall, and supercallifragelistic-wall is too tedious when all i want to do is say ‘Hey! How’ve you been?’

And those random-out-of-the-blue friend requests!. ‘Complete Stranger has just sent you a friend request.’ If you’ve got mutual friends, it’s probably just memory-lapse on your part..someone you’ve met once and can’t quite recall, maybe? But when you’ve got no friends in common with this person from the Antartica network who’s looking for ‘random play’…the ‘decline’ button is clicked almost involuntarily.

But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty (pardon the ghastly cliche’), one or two facebook peeves are just as easily smothered by an avalance of it’s pets, very much like that irritating jam-layer in your chocolate cake…you’ll eat it all the same. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a TextTwirl game pending.




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