Exam Mania!

Posted on August 26, 2008


Walking to a friend’s place the other day I couldn’t help but stop and read what some kid had finger-written on the dirty windshield of an abandoned car:

“IGCSE: New Horror Movie”

Not only was it hilarious, but the fact that this 16-17 year old had abandoned the more popular “CLEAN ME” in deference to this slogan, was an obvious reflection of his/her brewing frustration. This was probably the closest thing to vengeance the poor kid could muster.

I remember sitting for my boards (I realize I sound senile, but i’ll take that risk); the sleepless nights, the caffeine dependency, and probably the one stage in our life where the girls looked terrible and the boys couldn’t care less.

The atmosphere in the examination hall was ominous to say the least. Literal pin-drop silence where you could hear the person at the far end of the auditorium erasing a portion of an unsatisfactory diagram, or a calculation gone wrong. The ticking clock on the wall was your arch-nemesis, and the invigilator it’s closest cohort.

But on the day it was all over, we celebrated with whatever energy we could summon; the majority of us calling it an early night so as to catch up on months of lost sleep.

Looking back, I think I speak for everyone when I wish I would’ve taken it easier. Sure, the results are crucial to shaping our future (blah, blah..), but it’s not that life-and-death situation we allow ourselves to believe. The fact that in actuality there are kids who take their own lives over one measly point, is just not funny.

I’m not some presidential hopeful, or brilliant sportsperson to be asked what message I’d like to send out..but I’ll say it anyway. 

Work hard…but get some sleep!



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