Birdy Birdy Go Away…

Posted on September 2, 2008


I was half-way through another blog entry when an exceptionally loud THUD almost shocked my young and fruitless life out of me. Turns out a pigeon had misconstrued my apparently spotless window for the pearly gates leading into my living room.

Now i’m not a fan of birds in general, but I think if Forbes had a list of Most Valueless Creatures, i’m damn sure those ugly grey things we call ‘pigeons’ would fall right on the top spot, easy.

They sight human heads as targets for their poop, construct nests on your window AC’s and make crude noises that serve no purpose whatsoever other than to irritate the pants (for want of a less obscene term) out of you.

I’ve tried to see the good in them..honestly I have. But after just 5 minutes of observing those avian beings, I had come to the conclusion that they choose to live their lives simply fluttering with one another from AC vent to AC vent (musical vents?), and treating themselves to an occassional session of baby-making.

Conclusion: Pigeons avail no worthwhile purpose in this ‘circle of life.’ Seriously..where was their presence in Pride Rock when Simba was born anyway? Useless I tell you..useless. Too many a time have I fallen prey to their excellent aim, to be convinced otherwise. 


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