Bummed-out Buyer

Posted on September 9, 2008


Two weeks ago I was flipping through the TV, for want of something better to do (cut me some slack, i’m unemployed) when I found Oprah half-way through one of her advertising stints; the one she likes to call ‘My Favourite Things.’

Brownies, Flab-hiding tights and some sort of stationery item later, I finally got to watch the program I was waiting for.

Now just yesterday I paid a visit to the local hypermarket, and having strolled (oh-so-involuntarily) into the stationery aisle I came across one of the products on Oprah’s must-have lists.

And believe it or not..i got excited. Like, excited enough to exclaim out loud when I saw the thing on display…and still excited enough to joyously prance with it to the check-out counter.

I go home and the first thing I do is hurry up to my room to carefully tear open the cover-case…like some post-birthday party birthday girl.

So this thing I bought..it’s called a ‘Flag-pen.’ It’s a pen-shaped device having two operational components; a highlighter with which to..well, highlight, and an in-built post-it cartridge to flag the page you’ve highlighted on…all in one gadget!

Yea..it’s not all that big a deal is it? No more than 5 minutes after I had experimented with my new purchase, the veil of  stupidity lifted and revealed the (much more reliable) demeanour of common-sense. I had become yet another victim of Oprahganda.*

So this is how they operate, is it…those darn marketing gurus? Big celebrity+little-known useless product=unimaginable profits. And oblivious customers running around screaming like excited little girls.

Call me bitter, but you would be too if you’re just done studying and stuck with a gadget intended to aid that very purpose.

Hmm..maybe they’d let me exchange it for those tights…


*Oprahganda-Anything that changes a person’s opinion after watching or reading something from Oprah. [urbandictionary.com]

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