For a Rose would Smell as Sweet…

Posted on September 21, 2008


I suppose the biggest hurdle an entrepreneur must overcome is the task of assigning a name to his/her brainchild.

Some just can’t be bothered I’m guessing; just replacing the preceding article and capitalizing (the grammatical, not the political term..relax) the noun will suffice. ‘A shop’ will be elevated in rank to ‘The (pronounced ‘thee’ for extra flashiness) Shop.’ A publishing house will acquire the honourable title of ‘The Publishing House.’ If you get my drift.

Then there are some who are downright witty with their alias of choice. I found the tag ‘HeadMasters‘ for a pouplar (obviously!) salon in Colombo so intelligently appropriate that I wanted to just drop my things in the middle of the street, and applaud. 

And finally, there are those enterprisers that I genuinely worry for; the selected designation is so random and unapt that I just know my 3-year-old nephew could come up with something more befitting.

Eg: ‘Hyperpanda.’ Hyperpanda??!! I honestly fail to comprehend how that one came into being. For (correct me if i’m wrong) the first thing that comes to mind when I’m told that the supermarket giant ‘Hyperpanda‘ has just opened up in town, is the rather disturbing image of a massive, super-tripping marsupial running up and down the aisles like a child on a sugar-fix from the most mind-blowing lollipop in the world. Thanks very much, but I’ll pass.

Inexplicably enough, Hyperpanda ia doing as well as HeadMasters which in turn seems to be on par with The Shop. For on the long run, all we want as customers, is a great haircut, top-of-the-notch service and fresh produce; even if it means running into a giant bamboo-devouring creature while we shop.  


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