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Moan, Groan, Go Away…

October 31, 2008


It’s been a month now since i’ve officially joined the workforce, and i’m a tad sceptic. Why? Because everything’s perfect..that’s why. The people are fun, my boss is great and I love what I do. Everyone wishes you a ‘Good Morning’ like they actually mean it, and they even wipe the sink for the next […]

Things You Learn as a Salesperson

October 25, 2008


A week’s worth of selling magazine subscriptions at GITEX (Gulf International Technology Exhibition) taught me the following (the hard way of course): – Everyone is a potential customer : Who would’ve thought that 6th grade girls would be more than willing to fork up 20 bucks for a quarterly subscription to a tech magazine? – […]

Material Girl turns 21

October 5, 2008


So when mum asked me the other day what i’d like for my 21st..I was stumped. “The new Sony Vaio in crocodile brown?” I thought out loud. “Or maybe a mall-wide gift-voucher? Ooh..or the new title from James Frey??” But the voice with which I verbalized my musings seemed hollow; as if it was some […]