Material Girl turns 21

Posted on October 5, 2008


So when mum asked me the other day what i’d like for my 21st..I was stumped. “The new Sony Vaio in crocodile brown?” I thought out loud. “Or maybe a mall-wide gift-voucher? Ooh..or the new title from James Frey??”

But the voice with which I verbalized my musings seemed hollow; as if it was some other person expressing her thoughts and not me. Did I really not want what I said I did? What is it then that I really do want for my birthday?

This called for a good bout of speculation. So I made myself a cuppa and went up to my room; my speculation spot. What did I want? What did I really want?

I closed my eyes, attempted to shut out my conscious mind, and willed the voice at the back of my head to speak out. It’s about time you had a go.

What I really want…is to get all my friends down to celebrate with me. And if could fly my brother and cousin down..that would be ‘perfection’. I want those birthday calls at 12am and those well-wishing texts that last the rest of the day. I want for mum and dad to be proud of me, and for myself to be even more so. I want no enemies and I want more friends; not just the additions to my facebook list, but to my speed-dial.

I want everyone I love to have everything they’ve ever wanted. I want second chances for all those who wish they had them (myself included), and no regrets from here on out. And what I want most is a lifetime guarantee of satisfaction; not even eternal happiness…just plain old silly-smile-on-the-face type satisfaction.

Good I slipping? Is this the same girl who could’nt take her eyes off those new leopard print pumps she’d sighted on display at NineWest? Hmm..turns out the best things in life really can’t be bought.

To actually prefer chicken soup for the ‘soul’ over haute couture for the ‘sole’…I really must be growing up.


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