Moan, Groan, Go Away…

Posted on October 31, 2008


It’s been a month now since i’ve officially joined the workforce, and i’m a tad sceptic. Why? Because everything’s perfect..that’s why.

The people are fun, my boss is great and I love what I do. Everyone wishes you a ‘Good Morning’ like they actually mean it, and they even wipe the sink for the next person once they’re done washing their hands! Oh..and every Thursday is free lunch day.

So where do all those horror stories come in? You know..where your supervisor is a nightmare, the merciless office politics, and the fact that you have to drag yourself out of bed every morning?

So yeah..thanks to you lousy bunch of groaners, I can’t love my job without the slightest uncertainty. I keep waiting for the axe to fall n’ that bubble to burst. Thanks to you..i’m waiting for my boss to peel of his ‘happy mask’ and reveal his horns. I’m waiting for my colleagues to stop whistling while they work (yea, they whistle while they work), and for the office help to stop bringing me my daily cuppa with a smile.  

The thing about pessimism is that it’s contagious. Contagious to the extent that it seeps into your sub-conscious and scares all those happy, satisfisfied thoughts right out of your cranium.

Quite the bummer really..coz’ there actually are jolly people out there. If only you’d let them.


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