Creativity at it’s Best

Posted on November 11, 2008


So with the Dubai Mall having just opened it’s doors to the public, and what with the Burj Dubai reaching new heights (sorry..couldn’t help) with every passing day, EMAAR decided to launch yet another pretty thing in it’s name.

A fountain. A super-sized dancing water-work gala, with music, lights and just about everything that makes you want to go ‘Ooooh!’. And in order to rouse up some publicity (like they need it),they devised a competition. Dhs100,00 to the one who could come up with an innovative, yet apt name for this aqua-marvel.

So over the course of 2 months, more than 4,000 entries were sent in; not just from the UAE, and not just from the gulf; but from across the globe. Contributors from over a 100 different nationalities were said to have attempted their claim to fame.

And now the judges have decided. Hearty congratulations to the winner of this challenge; you deserve every dirham for the sleepless nights you must have sacrificed to win this trophy. And the judges! Kudos in accomplishing what must have been a Herculean undertaking.

The fountain at the base of what is to be the tallest building in the world now has a title worthy of it’s glory:

‘Dubai Fountain’


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