Green Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Posted on November 20, 2008


Now that Leornado Di Caprio’s doing it..we all a piece of it too.
Here’s introducing the latest fad to hit the world this season: Going Green.

Honestly, it’s all over the place. All of a sudden most multi-national firms are now doing everything in their power to target that eco-friendly stamp, clean-up drives have gathered momentum with noticable urgency, and everyone’s planting enough trees to make up for every toothpick they’ve used. Our planet has been thrown into a state of panic.

For decades scientists, activists and weather-men from all over the globe have been warning their population of the looming threat of global warming; the effect we’re having on the extinction of endangered species, and the rate at which our increased levels of carbon emissions is going to generate a considerable boost in sales of gas masks withing the next century.
But no! We kept on spewing out those putrid fumes, and never thought twice about whether that aerosol we sprayed was contributing to that massive hole in the outer hemisphere. And we most certainly didn’t give a damn if our clothes were organic.

It’s pretty pathetic that all we needed to jump-start our contribution to the planet was a documentary from a Presidential-hopeful, and another from an Oscar-nominated celebrity. Just like we needed Madonna to get us thinking about adopting abandoned children, and the likes of Angelina Jolie to highlight the plight of those living in under-developed nations.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain. Who cares about the means as long as we achieve the goal right?

What worries me though, is the likelihood that like every other celebrity-endorsed fad, this other one wil bite the dust as well.


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