The Mollycoddled Offspring

Posted on December 7, 2008


So my brother’s back for hols after a 5-month stint in Malaysia. Now let me tell you, if you want to have the folks at your feet…leave home for a considerable duration of time.

We’re all glad to have him back of course. Naturally his favourite meals are prepared (‘Poor boy, he must miss home-cooked meals’), and he’s being taken out to his favourite restaurants (‘Poor boy, he must miss Crispy Chilli Chicken from China Town’).

But since when is he allowed to get away with being sloppy. And since when did his sloppiness become ‘cute!?’ ‘Haha..he’s left his coffee-mug to rot in his room again!’ Or ‘Haha..he still leaves his clothes all over the floor!’

A friend of mine warned me of this phenomenon before the arrival of bro. She too has a brother studying abroad who comes down occasioanally for a session of pampering/smothering. ‘Just wait and watch shaz,’ she cautioned. ‘There comes a point where they’ll even do somersaults at his bidding.’

This is not jealousy talking. I’m more than happy to have the rents out of my hair for a month..ideally more. I’m just intrigued at the immense power my sibling holds at this point in time.

Wow..i think an experiment is in order. Watch this space for updates on my acrobatic parents.


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