The True Hero

Posted on December 19, 2008


28 year-old Iraqi journalist, Munthadar Al Zaidi made it to the wall of fame last week when he pulled out his shoe and hurled it at President Bush. Naturally he was restrained, and jailed immediately after.
The man turned into a hero overnight. He made the headlines in every newspaper, worldwide protests were staged for his release, and the facebook support group launched in his honour reached a membership of 50,000 within just a couple of days. Before you know it, he’ll be in the running for Time Magazine’s next Person of The Year!

So you hate the man. Is throwing foot apparel at the object of your hatred the way we handle social fallouts these days? So what is it then that sets us apart from animals, if we’ve lost all ability to think our actions through? Al Zaidi deserves to be locked up if you ask me. And I honesty cannot conceive even the slightest hint of martyrdom in an act so childish.

If anything, I believe it is President Bush whom we should be glorifying. At this point in time, I admire him than I ever will Al Zaidi.
Munthadar was lauded for his inability to keep his temper in check when Bush is the bad-guy for being the one able to control his fury.

George W. Bush gets himself out of bed every morning despite being completely aware of the fact that he is despised all over the world. He goes to work, and visits those countries where he knows he is not welcome. People have written and published books centering around his many gaffes; and yet he is not discouraged.

Now tell me; what is courage? Which of the two has more dignity?

I’m not saying that I love the man, nor am I stating that can do no wrong. As the President of a very influential superpower, he has made some pretty terrible descisions, sure. But I’m taking into account the Man, and not the President.

So to all those hero-worshipping a man with enough decorum to fill Barbie’s teacup; get your priorities sorted!
For: “The strong is not the one who overcomes the people by his strength, but the strong is the one who controls himself while in anger.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)


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