Toon Tutors

Posted on December 27, 2008


It’s true when they say that most of life’s lessons are taught outside the classroom. Most of mine I’ve learned from my fav. cartoon characters.

– Wile E. Coyote taught me the importance of perseverence. One day he will get that damn bird!

– Daffy Duck taught me that people will still love you even if you have a speech defect.

– Bugs, Jerry and the Road runner taught me that the bad guys never finish last.

– Garfield taught me to not stress. Wait for things to come to you.

– Elmer Fudd and Sammety Sam taught me that nothing good can come out of guns…or bad aim.

– Marge Simpson taught me that life goes on even on a bad hair day.

– The Ninja Turtles taught me to always have respect for the Sensai.

– Batman taught me that it doesn’t matter if you can’t fly or sprout nets out of your wrist. As long as you have a’re cool.

Consider this a tribute to Hannah Barbara, The Warner Brothers and Jim Davis. I owe you guys.


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