Happy New Year?

Posted on December 28, 2008


Disgusting. Heartless. Mindless and Brutish. Oh..i’m being nice here. If i didn’t make it a point to censor this blog I could come up with a few more terms befitting these barbaric animals.

250 people were killed yesterday. Within the space of a few minutes, 250 Palestinians were gunned down like they were worth nothing. 250 families lost a family member/lover/friend. Child-bearing women, guiltless children, aged parents; either dead or paralysed to a point of no return.

How anyone can sit back and order bloody murder of another human being, let alone 500 is beyond me. What is it you want and didn’t get? Land? Money? You perverse children.

Think of your own. Think of the family you get home to everyday, and imagine them burnt to a char in a second. They don’t deserve it. Nobody does.

I flaunt a peace pendant but now I want to throw it away. I’m grateful to be living to see this day, and now i’m ashamed to. We read the papers, shed a tear and get on back to our daily rituals. While on the other side of the world, grieving souls pay their final respects to the ones they loved the most.

To all those who suffered in the recent attacks, and to all victims of terror across the globe. One day your time will come.

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