Curtain Call

Posted on December 30, 2008


Blegh. It’s that time again. Year-end.

The air is dense with reflection. No, the heavens have not been engulfed by a swarm of mirrors; the atmosphere of late is just heavy with intense thoughts of deliberating folks.
Folks who take time off to look back on what they’ve achieved this past year (blah, blah), and to set new goals for the coming one (more blah, blah).

In case you haven’t got the gist yet, i’m not all that big on this reflection business. I’d much rather hop a ride on my big, fat cloud of denial and wave princess’ly while (whilst?) I float gloatingly past those miserable contemplators.

But this year I was kinda co-erced into contemplation. A friend brought up the topic and invited me to join in her speculation. Now it’s just rude to say “Thanks, but I’d much rather watch your goldfish poop little poop-strings,” so i begrudgingly slid off my cloud.

“So what has changed for you over the past year?” she asked wistfully. “My shampoo,” I wanted to say, but I decided against it. Apparently sarcasm is still my forte’.

So I gave this looking-back concept a shot. Hmm..what had changed?
Well, in the beginning of the year I was studying like mad for my Recombinant DNA-Technology exam, and now i’m nearing the end of my probation at a PR firm. At the start of the year, my brother was still in school, and now he’s finished his first semester of college. One of my best friends is now engaged, my cousin gave birth to her first child, and I’ve shifted my sweet-tooth craving from chocolate to cheesecake.

Maybe this annual mulling-over is not so bad an idea after all. Now, what would I want to change for 2009?

Zilch. Nada. Well..nothing that I can think of anyway. I’m not saying i’m the perfect human being (i’m not saying it, but you’re more than willing to go ahead); I just don’t believe in waiting for the start of a new year to want to improve. Might as well resolve when the fault is fresh eh?
So yea..i’d much rather handle situations as and when they present themselves/punch me in the face. I’ll deal with them then.

We stress too much, we do. We all want to change so much, too much at a time. Sure, some things are a given (get healthier, stop biting nails, must see the good in Paris Hilton, etc.), but let’s just take it easy for 2009 shall we?

Life’s too short to add on to the worry wrinkles. Why waste good money on botox when you can have cheesecake instead?

Happy New Year everyone. Here’s wishing you the best of everything. *clink*


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