Oh L’Amour!

Posted on February 12, 2009


Ahh..it’s that time of year again folks. The month of lurrve / amour / pyaar / hubb.

That dreaded month where Hallmark pukes out it’s entire mush collection, rose bushes are fed an over-dose of fertilizer, and 3rd-world children in a workshop somewhere are made to stop working on those footballs and divert their time to producing massive heart-wielding stuffed toys.
Where people with ‘In a Relationship’ FaceBook statuses (stati?) run around in a frenzied panic tring to figure out until the last minute what best to give their other half. Singletons either run and hide, or bring up their flirting game (the closer to the date the more savage the eyelid batting / muscle flexing).

I’m actually with the “Aye” Team on the whole V-day debate. They “Nay”‘s argue that you don’t need to put aside a particular day to tell someone you love them (blah, blah)..but why on earth not? Besides,not even cupid is going to be aiming those arrows every single day of every single year. Surely the flying man in diapers needs a day off.
The same applies for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Earth Day, Groundhog Day (what is that anyway?)..we all need a little push, a reminder, a reason to party.

Obviously I can’t stand how commercial it’s turned out either. They’ll push you into the deep end they will. By ‘they’ I mean the members on the board of Valentine’s Day conspirators; Hallmark, Patchi, Tiffany’s, the Maldives, and the extreme-sports-can-be-romantic people. They convince you that that the 14th of February is the best day to propose..the best day to make up for forgetting the birthday..the best day to load up on chocolate guiltlessly, etc.
And we (the gullible little puppets that we are) let ourselves get pushed. We fall in face-first, then decide to swim along with the rest of the smitten in that pool of soppy.

So on that unabashed note..here’s wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! Now go bag those dinner reservations,and compile those mixed-tapes..the day’s fast approaching! Spread the love people..and spread it hard.


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