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That Gut Feeling

March 26, 2009


When we’re put in a situation that requires us to choose..say between right and wrong, yes or no, with or without cheese..we often tend to think too hard. Be it the simplest of choices or the matter-of-life-and-death decisions, we try and weigh out the pros and cons, get a second opinion or even toss a […]

Fearing Regret / Regretting Fear

March 20, 2009


In my opinion, the scariest thing in the whole world is the fear of the unknown. It’s like you’re hanging off a cliff in pitch black…not knowing whether to let go, or hang on until help arrives. Because for all you know, the floor could be littered with jagged rocks waiting to rip you to […]

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

March 9, 2009


I’ve always loved fortune cookies. Ever since I was that fat kid who’d pig out on chinese food (sad, but true), I’d wait for the end of the meal to the part they served up those absurdly shaped biscuits. I’d pick the one I thought held my fortune, and believe with all my heart that […]

Help Yourself.

March 2, 2009


We live in a troubled world my friends. A world filled with people so disturbed, that we turn to other human beings to quell our fears..for a fee. Therapists, Lifecoaches, Self-help books; turns out you can make a living doing just about anything.A series of therapeutic sessions on ‘positive thinking’and ‘prioritizing your goals’ is guaranteed […]