Help Yourself.

Posted on March 2, 2009


We live in a troubled world my friends. A world filled with people so disturbed, that we turn to other human beings to quell our fears..for a fee.

Therapists, Lifecoaches, Self-help books; turns out you can make a living doing just about anything.A series of therapeutic sessions on ‘positive thinking’and ‘prioritizing your goals’ is guaranteed to have you up and running in no time; be it with regards to a career change, a relationship boost, or just plain feeling good about yourself.

Erm..don’t we have friends for that very reason? When you’re down or a tad de-motivated, yor pals will comfort you, feed you a tub of icecream and make you feel on top of the world again. You even better friends will rip that tub out of your hands, order you to get a hold of yourself, and push you back with a jolt so severe you’ll end up with whiplash. And they do this for free!

I can understand if this is some tradition handed down for centuries. But it’s a new fad, this. I understand and sympatjize with real issues; like the loss of a child, or an addiction. But do we really need to hire someone just because they let you lie on their couch and make ‘hmmm..’ noises while you whinge about not having gotten that promotion at work?

All self-help books state the obvious. Laugh more often, see the best in people, bake your potatoes instead of frying them. And if you pay more attention, you’ll figure out that Dr.Phil an Oprah are dishing out the exact same advice your mother used to.

I know i’m not exactly the ideal canditate to be picketing against unnecessary therapy..the best advice i’ve ever given anyone is ‘RUN!’ But realistically speaking, you don’t have to drag sigmund freud from the grave to tell you that all problems aren’t solved by just holding hands in a circle. Speaking from experience (and quoting Boyzone): When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Dammit! If I had just sold this piece to a publisher, and not posted it on this stupid blog, I would’ve made a fortune!! Sigh..


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