The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Posted on March 9, 2009


I’ve always loved fortune cookies. Ever since I was that fat kid who’d pig out on chinese food (sad, but true), I’d wait for the end of the meal to the part they served up those absurdly shaped biscuits. I’d pick the one I thought held my fortune, and believe with all my heart that that cookie was meant for just me.

I still love those darned cookies. But now that i’m aware that the odds of someone else getting my fortune is quite likely, the magic’s gone. Also the fact that all the cookie ever tells you is what you already know…only in a more mysterious-seeming way.
I recall my last one stating that: “He who rushes, does not walk with dignity.” It sounds so sensai’ish when you first read it, but it’s not long before you realize the diplomat in that biscuit.

One thing I never was into was horoscopes. I never understood the thrill of living each day to see if that daily prediction came true. I never did give a hoot that I’m a Libran, neither have I shown any form of excitement when encountering another(trust me I know people who do).

What I don’t understand is how perfectly intelligent human beings can reach out for that page religiously each morning, and believe that whatever stated is what’s to be in store for the day. Do you not realize that a gazillion other Scorpio(n?)s are opening up to that same page, reading the exact same thing, and again coming to the conclusion that they’re ready for the day. Beacuse now they know what to expect.
In that case, all pisces’ are to expect to meet a tall, dark stranger at noon today. Or expect a surprise visitor at the break of dawn. Sorry..but I don’t buy it.

The scary bit, is that some are so drawn into this prediction hype that they come to sub-conciously make their prediction happen. In his/her head that surprise visitor could even be the grocery boy delivering his/her order earlier than expected. Or afore-mentioned tall, dark stranger could just turn out to be a cardboard cut-out of Will Smith.

What is it that attracts us so magnetically to needing to know what’s in store for us? Sort of like a friend leaking out the end of a perfectly good movie, (or even a terrible one at that), don’t horoscopes, fortune-tellers, etc. threathen to do just that?
Maybe it’s just human nature to be lured to the unknown..the intrigue of the mysterious. Sort of like a real-life game of cluedo.

Eitherway, I’m starting to understand how curiosity killed that infamous cat.


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