That Gut Feeling

Posted on March 26, 2009


When we’re put in a situation that requires us to choose..say between right and wrong, yes or no, with or without cheese..we often tend to think too hard. Be it the simplest of choices or the matter-of-life-and-death decisions, we try and weigh out the pros and cons, get a second opinion or even toss a coin.

But how many times have we relied on that coin to help come to a conclusion only for us to toss again. ‘Let’s just do best out of three.’
Because sometimes you don’t need to think so hard. Turns out the answer’s at the tip of your tongue..regurgitated from your gut. We ought to give more credit to that gut feeling people keep going on about.

You know how hard it is to seperate cotton if you pull really hard, but when you just tug at it lightly the pieces seperate with cushiony ease? Maybe we’re not supposed to try so hard. Maybe sometimes the answer’s just there..waiting for you to look up and take notice.

And when asked why you chose this rather than that, you can’t explain it. It just feels right.

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