Reunion of a Different Kind

Posted on April 26, 2009


To say that I was a ‘bookworm’, would be the understatement of the decade. At one point (i’m almost afraid to profess), I was one of those uber-geeky kids who’d always have a book in hand, having the ‘audacity’ to read even when on a social call.

I couldn’t help it. It’s been engraved in me for as long as I can remember. I couldn’t give a damn about how I could make my pinafore-uniform seem cooler, just as long as Anne (of Green Gables)would beat Gilbert to the Avery Prize. Enid Blyton was my Beyonce, and a visit to the bookstore was too magical for my little dweeby-self to express. The school day revolved around my English class; racing to the end of the reading list, and having the freedom to express my opinion onto a piece of paper was the greatest high of all.

Then along came high school, university, a social life, and the internet. Not necessarily in that order but each carrying equal damage.

I found that I had less time to read, and more time to check-on my face book page. I’d drop a decent novel in deference to a last-minute shopping expedition. Kareoke night trumped Ayn Rand,and embarrassingly on more than one occassion I stood up Tolstoy for Hugh Jackman.

Even when I was at a stage when I really didn’t have much to do, my pile of unread books would pile higher. I’d still visit the book fair like I have done religiously ever since it’s inception…and I’d still sneak in a secret whiff of each new title I buy before I read it. But somehow I’d only really find time when I didn’t want to think of a particular something that was bothering me, or on a Thursday night when I had no plans, or when the internet at home went bust. But deep down I knew I still wanted that floor-to-ceiling library more than than that Chanel tribute bag.

But of late…I had got hold of a novel. One of those your eyes just couldn’t peel away from, and your fingers had a will of their own. I carried it in my handbag, and would sneak in a page / chapter or two during lunch breaks, at hospital waiting rooms, even in a moving vehicle.

And it all came back to me, in that comforting heady rush that only fond memories can conjure.
It’s true what they say about old habits dying hard. They might be in a coma for a few years, but you’ll be at their bedside everyday until they wake up..speaking to them, re-assuring them that all hope is not lost. Yes, it’s rather creepy of me to personify a hobby as a dying person, but i’m hoping my poetic license will save me from being strait-jacketed straight (get it?) to the loony bin.

It’s like your best girlfriend y’know? The moment some new, buff man comes into your life, aformentioned bestie is chucked aside. But as soon as you’re the one chucked, bestie’s shoulder is right there waiting for you…no matter how hurt she was all along.

Now when i’m off for a mall-trawl, my Magrudy’s (book store) points-card sits comfy in it’s little niche inside my wallet, along with my Grazia discount card. I’ve re-kindled the habit of exchanging titles with other avid readers, and have accumulated quite a collection of cosmopolitan bookmarks (Hello nerdville!). Don’t quite know if i’ll put off a good dosh-session with the girls, for a pick at the pages just yet though!

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to show, that’s how you know eh?


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