MoonWalk – The Final Step

Posted on June 26, 2009


I’ve never written a eulogy before. Never been asked to, and never been inspired enough. And i’ve sure as hell never once considered taking time off to express onto paper (or website) emotion for the loss of a man i’ve never met.

A man I can never say i’ve met, but a man I grew up with all the same. As a 6-year-old I owned tapes of all his music videos, knew the lyrics to all his scores, had managed to attain VIP tickets to his ‘Dangerous’ World Tour…and even forgave him when he cancelled.

Michael Jackson, The King of Pop; and even Wacko Jacko some called him, attaching a title to his many eccentricities. As with every star who’s made it big, controversy hounded him like a boxer to his shadow.

But at a time like this, all his peculiarities seem insignificant. We forget that he was once tied with sexual allegations. We turn a blind eye to rumours revolving around his obsession with surgery. And we don’t give a hoot anymore how deep in debt he was.

What we do remember, is what he was always meant to be remembered for. For his magnanimous contribution to the music industry, as a phenomenal performer with an irrepalceable sense of artistry and style.

We loved him for his infamous red blazer, that outrageous crotch-thrust, and of course…the moonwalk; the walk more popular than Armstrong’s itself.
We remember the man who took entertainment to a whole other level, his music serving as a portal to bring out in the open, issues of race, war and love.

The reason his passing has come as quite the shock to most of us, is probably because like him, we thought Michael would live forever. It’s hard to conceive that a legend is mortal after all.

But unlike other mere mortals, MJ leaves behind a massive fan-following, music that’s bridged the gap of generations, and a legacy of dance; earning his place in The Hall of Fame…our Hall of Fame.

Maybe now he’ll finally get the peace he deserves.

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