New Pad

Posted on February 2, 2010


So here’s my new address. Take a seat, make yourself comfy. Rather posh isn’t it?
Yes, I’ve brought all of the old stuff with me. I might not be particularly proud of most of it, but there are some things you just can’t let go off y’know? Besides, I need them to remember. Like photos. Or old cinema stubs. Like that old test tube I still keep from my first successful Chem experiment.
I might’ve moved on, but I’m still the same person. A little wiser I’d like to think. That’s what they say you become when you make mistakes, right?
Anyway. I’ve made sure this place is capacious enough for newer (and hopefully fresher) material. It might take me a while to settle in, but do bear with me. Feel free to visit every so often though.
So, cheers. Here’s to a new beginning of sorts. Not exactly a New Year’s Resolution, but a resolution all the same.
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