Posted on January 10, 2011


What started off as a radio competition to win Amy Winehouse concert tickets, turned into one of the most entertaining online trends instead.

On having been asked to come up with creative Dubai themed movie titles (the best out of which would win the pair of tickets), UAE residents took to Twitter and launched -what can only be called- an avalanche of pun-laced innuendos under the hashtag  #DubaiMovies.

The result was too darn hilarious not to share, so I’ve listed out a few of the best below:

–          Karamageddon

–          Breaking Fast at Tiffany’s

–          The Deported

–          You’ve got BBM

–          Magic Planet of The Apes

–          Catch Me If You Khandoura

–          The Mankhoolian Candidate

–          No Sex & The City

–          Hattatouille

–          10 Things I Hate About Du

–          There’s Something About Fathima

–          Alice in DubaiLand

–          Gone With The DustStorm

–          Al Arbaab (The GodFather)

–          Saving Expat Ryan

–          Clock Tower Orange

–          How To Train A Falcon

–          CasaBlankCheque

–          Save The Last BellyDance

–          Gran Cinema

–          Mashreq Millionaire

–          I Know What You Did Last Summer Surprises

–          Hotel Ramada

–          Sleepless In Satwa

–          Crouching Salik, Hidden Camera

–          Scott Pilgrim Vs. Dubai World

–          The Sheikh Of The Rings – The Two Burjs

–          BrokeBack SandDune

–          27 Abayas

–          Bend It Like Ismael Matter

–         Eternal Sunshine (.)

Well I thought it was hilarious anyway.

Anyone else care to add their 2 cents…scratch that…2 fils in?

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