The Kaftan Writer is no alias for a contemporary literary great, I assure you. It is merely a humble attempt at a Christie’esque guise for an otherwise boring name: Shaahima

Years later, with five years of PR-experience filling the pages of her resume’, and even more years of churning out creative content for a diverse portfolio of clients, The Kaftan Writer can now quite confidently say, that she is doing what she does (and loves) best.



The Kaftan Writer’s pen is for hire, and currently ‘ink-slings’ on/edits for a miscellany of topics ranging from Literature, Current affairs, Culture, Art, Travel and Islam.

I currently serve as a Sr. Editor at MuslimMatters.org, and contribute to various print publications (The National and Gulf News, UAE/ The Sunday Times, Sri Lanka), as well as online platforms both within and outside The Middle East and Asia – rounding up my experience in the realms of both print media, and the digital sphere.



This blog is a repertoire of both, bona fide blog posts from The Kaftan Writer and articles published by Shaahima Fahim. I’d separate the two, but more often than not what I’ve been commissioned to write is far more interesting than my occasional blather, and possibly even (albeit less so) vice versa.

A healthy debate is encouraged on posts that call for that sort of thing, and constructive criticism invited on all. Conversation after all is the best of inspiration.

Baseless, cussword-generated, mud-slinging however, can be checked at the door.




Email me on contact@shaahima.com

Follow me on Twitter at @Shaahima

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