The Kaftan Writer is no alias for a contemporary literary great, I assure you. It is merely a humble attempt at a Christie’esque guise for an otherwise boring name: Shaahima Fahim.



The Kaftan Writer is a creative writer currently based in the United Arab Emirates. She writes as much as she reads, but neither as much as she hoards (books).

“All throughout school and university, I was adamant that I would never pursue a career in literature; the sole reason being that I loved it too much. That there never was a more certain way of killing a passion than having to do it, was a mantra I’d keep saying to myself as I’d churn out the occasional opinion piece to a student/university publication, and willingly take on requests from fellow uni-chums to write-up their post-grad university application cover letters.

However, while scanning the appointments pages for work options with my Biotechnology degree proverbially in hand, denial was effectively quashed when I found my eyes lingering more longingly at media positions over the vocation I had chosen. Who was I fooling?”

Years later, with five years of PR-experience filling the pages of her resume’, and even more years of churning out creative content for a diverse portfolio of clients, The Kaftan Writer can now quite confidently say, that she is doing what she does (and loves) best.



The Kaftan Writer’s pen is for hire, and although I do ink-sling on a miscellany of topics ranging from Literature, Current affairs, Culture, Travel and Islam, I lean more fondly towards the foremost and the latter.

I have covered the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature quite extensively in the past, and have interviewed many an author across local lit-fests and other platforms – namely Alexander McCall Smith, Yahiya Lababidi, Shehan Karunatilake and Sadaqat Kadri, among others.

I currently serve as a Staff Editor at MuslimMatters.org, and contribute on occasion to dailies The National and Gulf News, lifestyle and design magazine Khaleejesque, as well as various other publications within and outside  the Middle East – rounding up my experience in the realms of both print media, as well as the digital sphere.



This blog is a repertoire of both, bona fide blog posts from The Kaftan Writer and articles published by Shaahima Fahim. I’d separate the two, but more often than not what I’ve been commissioned to write is far more interesting than my occasional blather, and possibly even (albeit less so) vice versa.

A healthy debate is encouraged on posts that call for that sort of thing, and constructive criticism invited on all. Conversation after all is the best of inspiration.

Baseless, cussword-generated, mud-slinging however, can be checked at the door.




Email me on contact@shaahima.com

Follow me on Twitter at @Shaahima

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