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The Kaftan Writer

November 4, 2011


I haven’t inherited many traits from my maternal grandmother (other than her classic good looks, and razor sharp wit of course), but she has gifted me many a plaything, clothes, and gift vouchers over the years. But of all her endowments, I am most grateful to her for the one thing she’s handed over to […]

Tip For Your Supper

March 5, 2010


As written for The UAE Community Blog The newly enforced (and long overdue) ruling in Dubai against the levying of service tax at restaurants has turned the cards in our favour, for both expats and locals alike. For many a night out we’ve failed to take into account with how much weightage that 10% obligatory […]

Libertas Supra Omnia

March 4, 2010


As written for The March 18 Movement Freedom of expression. A term that weighs different on the scales of every individual. Be it invisible fetters that hold back tears, or physical restraints that gag your right to scream. Be it the dread of a tyrant’s wrath, or the fear of thoughts out loud breaking that […]

New Pad

February 2, 2010


So here’s my new address. Take a seat, make yourself comfy. Rather posh isn’t it? Yes, I’ve brought all of the old stuff with me. I might not be particularly proud of most of it, but there are some things you just can’t let go off y’know? Besides, I need them to remember. Like photos. […]