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Sans-Sight Insight

April 20, 2012


The past three days I’ve spent in a state of low visibility. Yes, the weather has been rubbish in this here dustbowl, but I refer to the toll my own eyesight has had to take as a result. After a few days of ignoring the warning signs, my suffering pair of ocular organs finally took […]

Sex-Ed 101

April 12, 2010


Of late there’s been talk (well, heated debate anyway) of the need to integrate Sex-Ed into school curricula. And although this discussion in itself is a big enough move on its own, this seems to be as far as its going to go here in the UAE.For it seems that the majority of parents are […]

We Don’t Need No Education!

June 4, 2008


I’ve come to conclusion (after much thought ofcourse) that being a dunce is the only way to go! Even my average-student status is jumping the gun a bit much, if you ask me. Patience..don’t get your knickers/boxers in a twist just yet. Don’t i always explain? So i’m telling you, i’ve got facts! There’s at […]