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If all the World was a Stage

September 28, 2008


Apparently there’s a reason why little girls love their Barbie dolls and the little (and not-so-little) boys adore their car-sets. For the very same reason, the loveless turn to romance novels for reprieve and the bored-with-their-lives seek refuge indulging in the lives of others. Turns out it’s human nature to hunt down and cling on […]

You know you’re unemployed when…

September 17, 2008


– You know the names of all the CNN anchors, including the weather reporters. – The concept of a new chore is appealing. – You become overly bummed-out when you reach the last page of the ‘Appointments’ supplement. – A pigeon smashing against your window is the highlight of your day. – Finding that missing […]

The Gentleman’s Game?

August 27, 2008


In Sri Lanka, cricket is a passion that borders on religion. And I don’t just mean that as a comparison. The day of a match, productivity at workplaces hits a slump, and school kids smuggle in little radio’s to keep up with the scores. That cup-wielding beggar on the street pavement can serve as a […]

Exam Mania!

August 26, 2008


Walking to a friend’s place the other day I couldn’t help but stop and read what some kid had finger-written on the dirty windshield of an abandoned car: “IGCSE: New Horror Movie” Not only was it hilarious, but the fact that this 16-17 year old had abandoned the more popular “CLEAN ME” in deference to […]

Survival of the Fittest

July 6, 2008


I don’t know the exact phrase, but apparently ‘they’ say it’s money that brings out the worst in people. I say it’s traffic. Not that i’m a officially lisenced (yet), but being on the passenger seat is proof enough. Sort of a sympathy versus empathy thing happening. Horns will honk loud enough to surpass the […]

The Decline of the Personal Statement

June 26, 2008


Everyone’s going on about how technology is making our lives so much easier; everyday appliances almost eliminate the term ‘chore’, and communication has bridged the divide on a whole other level altogether. Before the advent of the telephone (let alone it’s cellular equivalent), snail-mail was the popular choice (for lack of any other alternative) for […]

Option A?

June 10, 2008


We’re spoilt for choice aren’t we? This little revelation happened to strike me the other day, when I headed to the local cafe’ to quench my insatiable thirst for that cup o’ java (see profile). I went up to the counter quite certain that all I wanted was a latte…then i happened to look up […]

Murphy And His Law

June 7, 2008


Now Murphy (though a fictional fellow), was a smart man. He’s probably come closest to having all the answers to our existence than the non-fictional sect of philosophers.And what was this wise man’s theory? Ahh, the wise man he said :”Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the […]