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Birdy Birdy Go Away…

September 2, 2008


I was half-way through another blog entry when an exceptionally loud THUD almost shocked my young and fruitless life out of me. Turns out a pigeon had misconstrued my apparently spotless window for the pearly gates leading into my living room. Now i’m not a fan of birds in general, but I think if Forbes […]

Exam Mania!

August 26, 2008


Walking to a friend’s place the other day I couldn’t help but stop and read what some kid had finger-written on the dirty windshield of an abandoned car: “IGCSE: New Horror Movie” Not only was it hilarious, but the fact that this 16-17 year old had abandoned the more popular “CLEAN ME” in deference to […]

Glow’s over folks!

August 22, 2008


“You don’t live here do you?” inquired a just-acquainted acquaintance only a day after I had landed in Sri Lanka.                                                                        […]

Facebook: I’m lovin’ it?

July 21, 2008


I can’t believe I’ve gone a whole two months without a single mention of the genius that is FACEBOOK! Shame on me. It’s quite the hoot isn’t it? What can you not do with it? Care to give the ego a bit of a boost by having a look at the number of friends you’ve […]

The Green Goblin

July 17, 2008


Apparently there are some things that just aren’t done. Ordering the Chicken Caesar Salad at Mc.Donalds for instance. Frankly, I don’t quite understand what the fuss is all about. I just felt like eating healthy for a change, and they did have the salad on the menu. ‘I’ll have the chicken caesar salad please!’ ‘The […]

Vanity Affair

July 10, 2008


It’s true when ‘they’ (some sort of secret authority figure) say that you never realize the value of something, until it’s taken away from you. Be it a pet, electricity, mirror….yes, mirror. Having recently purchased a new cupboard for my room, i’ve had to detach my full-length mirror from the wall, and keep it aside […]

For Real!

June 20, 2008


Now that my exams are done with, of late i’ve been submitting myself to the idiot box quite willingly; I don’t have a consience to answer to anymore.                                                       […]

Hi, I’m Gertie!

June 12, 2008


If there’s one thing i’d really like to change about myself, it’s my gullibillity (i realize that’s not a real word but it has immense potential don’t you think?). Honestly…i’m as gullible as the next goldfish! You know how those bright-tinged suckers swim hurriedly to the top of the fish tank everyime you dangle you […]

Stereotypically Stereotypical!

June 3, 2008


Stereotype: A fixed, commonly held notion or image of a person or group, based on an oversimplification of some observed or imagined trait of behaviour or appearance.I never did understand stereotyping. I’ve always thought it’s society’s way of making things easier. Think of it this way..the universe is one big filing cabinet and each individual […]

Greetings blogosphere!

March 31, 2008


It’s about time methinks! Starting up my own blog that is. Best alternative in satisfying my literary craving i s’pose..after many a failed attempt to compose that Pulitzer-Prize winning novel, i figured this was the next best thing. Why ‘Chronicles of a TestTube’? I don’t quite know about i just attribute it to epiphany? […]