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Save The Humans

January 2, 2013


The stateless Palestinian. The Rohingyan asylum-seeker. The Syrian refugee. The defenceless in war zones. The unwanted girl child. The Dalit. The raped. The gang-raped. The child being molested and too afraid to speak. The starving. The ill-treated labourer. The discarded orphan. The jailed without justice. The physically abused. The emotionally beaten. The homeless. The victim […]

The Failure Of Modern Arab Governance

December 25, 2011


As written for Halal World (October-December 2011). The Arab Spring, a label for a series of revolutions which we hoped would prove more deciduous than seemingly-endless, has now outrun seasons to cross-over into Autumn. Undoubtedly, the Middle East is portraying a bleak reflection of its current state of affairs. With despots toppling like a line of […]

Libertas Supra Omnia

March 4, 2010


As written for The March 18 Movement Freedom of expression. A term that weighs different on the scales of every individual. Be it invisible fetters that hold back tears, or physical restraints that gag your right to scream. Be it the dread of a tyrant’s wrath, or the fear of thoughts out loud breaking that […]

Option A?

June 10, 2008


We’re spoilt for choice aren’t we? This little revelation happened to strike me the other day, when I headed to the local cafe’ to quench my insatiable thirst for that cup o’ java (see profile). I went up to the counter quite certain that all I wanted was a latte…then i happened to look up […]