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The Real GoodFellas

December 23, 2013


Disclaimer: By posting this, in no way do I intend to invalidate/dilute the increasing stream of incidents reflecting anti-Muslim hate.  I do believe however, that Islamophobic sentiment is also inadvertently creating a reverse bias, where Muslims (especially in the Arab World) are beginning to generically hate on the West and the people who represent it […]

The Dambulla Mosque Debacle and The Rise of The Minority Extremist

April 25, 2012


As written for Muslim Matters (April 25, 2012) The city of Dambulla in Sri Lanka, more known for its representation in tourism brochures as a registered heritage destination for culturally-inclined tourists to the island, made headlines of a less-idyllic nature on the afternoon of Friday the 20th of April – when Buddhist monks led a 2000-strong protest against a […]

Peace Out

November 14, 2010


There’s been a lot of anti-Muslim propaganda of late, some in forms more ludicrous than upsetting. And every time I’ve wanted to pen down a few words, but refrained; thinking that this being an extremely fragile subject, I should handle it with a bit more thought – preferring instead to not let my angst get […]