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If all the World was a Stage

September 28, 2008


Apparently there’s a reason why little girls love their Barbie dolls and the little (and not-so-little) boys adore their car-sets. For the very same reason, the loveless turn to romance novels for reprieve and the bored-with-their-lives seek refuge indulging in the lives of others. Turns out it’s human nature to hunt down and cling on […]

Bummed-out Buyer

September 9, 2008


Two weeks ago I was flipping through the TV, for want of something better to do (cut me some slack, i’m unemployed) when I found Oprah half-way through one of her advertising stints; the one she likes to call ‘My Favourite Things.’ Brownies, Flab-hiding tights and some sort of stationery item later, I finally got […]

For Real!

June 20, 2008


Now that my exams are done with, of late i’ve been submitting myself to the idiot box quite willingly; I don’t have a consience to answer to anymore.                                                       […]