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My Apologies D&G, It’s Not You. It’s Me.

January 18, 2016


As written for [January 2016]   There have been two knee-jerk reactions in response to the release of Dolce and Gabbana’s hijab and abaya collection: The Allure of the Middle East; First came the yay-sayers (for want of a better term) who with true Arab-style ululation lauded the fashion house for taking such a […]

Digital Detox

September 16, 2009


Hullo. My name is Shaahima Fahim, and I’ve been clean for 30 days. What started out as a spiritual sacrifice, turned out to be a social experiment of sorts, when I decided to quit the biggest banes of the cyber world for a good, fat, month. Namely Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (or YouTwitFace as a friend […]

MoonWalk – The Final Step

June 26, 2009


I’ve never written a eulogy before. Never been asked to, and never been inspired enough. And i’ve sure as hell never once considered taking time off to express onto paper (or website) emotion for the loss of a man i’ve never met. A man I can never say i’ve met, but a man I grew […]

Sunny Side Up

June 1, 2009


Hurrah! It’s Summer folks! Summer has landed!! Don’t look at me like that. Like i’m mad. Like the heat’s finally got to me. Pardon me if this happens to be my season of choice. And in this part of the world i’m not exactly handed a smorgasbord of seasons to choose from; the best of […]


May 11, 2009


Babies are an evil lot, they are. They’re all connivingly round, soft and sqooshable; a vicious ploy, a clever disguise, to have all grown-ups running circles around their chubby little digits. They exploit that ‘adorable card’ handed out to them at birth, and send out telepathic messages to all adult-kind that suppresses their ability to […]

Reunion of a Different Kind

April 26, 2009


To say that I was a ‘bookworm’, would be the understatement of the decade. At one point (i’m almost afraid to profess), I was one of those uber-geeky kids who’d always have a book in hand, having the ‘audacity’ to read even when on a social call. I couldn’t help it. It’s been engraved in […]

Of Pocketed Passions and Silent Sufferings

April 21, 2009


One of the many attributes that make us human beings highest in the hierarchy, is probably the ability and variance with which we express emotion. Identical twins can have the exact tendencies in every aspect of their lives, but in the way they handle pain, for example. One might choose to mourn out loud, expelling […]

Talk of Troubled Times

April 2, 2009


The one thing we owe to all this recession schmesession is the potential it has for conversation. We all love to complain. And once the signal turns green, we can launch into a series of anecdotes, ‘tsk tsk’ at the downfall of the dollar, and list out the names of close friends / relatives affected […]

That Gut Feeling

March 26, 2009


When we’re put in a situation that requires us to choose..say between right and wrong, yes or no, with or without cheese..we often tend to think too hard. Be it the simplest of choices or the matter-of-life-and-death decisions, we try and weigh out the pros and cons, get a second opinion or even toss a […]

Fearing Regret / Regretting Fear

March 20, 2009


In my opinion, the scariest thing in the whole world is the fear of the unknown. It’s like you’re hanging off a cliff in pitch black…not knowing whether to let go, or hang on until help arrives. Because for all you know, the floor could be littered with jagged rocks waiting to rip you to […]

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

March 9, 2009


I’ve always loved fortune cookies. Ever since I was that fat kid who’d pig out on chinese food (sad, but true), I’d wait for the end of the meal to the part they served up those absurdly shaped biscuits. I’d pick the one I thought held my fortune, and believe with all my heart that […]