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Loss and Laughter in Dubai’s Labour Camps

March 1, 2014


As written for The Platform (March 01, 2014) Mahmoud Kaabour explains how his new docu-film, Champ of the Camp, delves deeply into Dubai’s notorious camps to expose feelings of pain and yearning  We just separated only yesterday But how will I live in this condition for ages Death didn’t come, but why have your memories come Oh long […]

Dubai’s Reading Cafes

May 14, 2013


As written for The National, UAE (May 14, 2013) Another fun round-up for the lit lot. At a time when a true appreciation of literature is seemingly on the demise, thanks to the doomsayer-esque allure of technology and its de-romanticisation of the written word, Dubai seems to be witnessing a sudden revivalist surge in the promotion of […]

A Guide to Dubai’s Best Second-hand Bookshops

July 26, 2012


As written for The National, UAE (July 26, 2012) My definition of a glorious (yes, glorious) Saturday morning; 6 hours, 4 stores and a personal acquisition of 6 titles later = a round-up and critique of the top second-hand book stores in Dubai + the most fun I’ve had on a writing assignment in a […]

The Case of The Missing Identity

December 28, 2010


A certain prominent member of higher authority has very recently (and publicly) called for a systematized curbing in the number of non-Arab expatriates in a bid to ‘preserve’ the UAE’s national identity. He went on to attempt to justify his statement by labeling said expats as a threat to the identity, culture and heritage of […]

Fujairah – The Forgotten Emirate

October 11, 2010


As written for Khaleejesque I try not to re-post on the blog what I’ve contributed elsewhere, but this little piece here has (as some call it) ‘sentimental value.’ So here’s to the Emirate I truly grew up in, dedicated to the kids who grew up with me. Last week I decided I deserved a break; […]

Sex-Ed 101

April 12, 2010


Of late there’s been talk (well, heated debate anyway) of the need to integrate Sex-Ed into school curricula. And although this discussion in itself is a big enough move on its own, this seems to be as far as its going to go here in the UAE.For it seems that the majority of parents are […]

NOT Nice, ‘Baby’

March 31, 2010


As written for The UAE Community Blog. Residents of the Emirates were racked with the shocking news that Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed (younger brother of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, the President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi) was involved in a plane crash last Friday. On the recovery of his body from a […]